Please don't leave me,
I can't stand here on my own.
And I've stopped breathing.
Since I put down the telephone.
My hands are shaking,
I've never felt so scared and all alone.
This room is vacant.
Feel the cold air fill my bones.

And they said that you'd get better.
And now you're better off.
It's not what I wanted,
But it's all I got.

Looking down upon this stranger,
It's not the way I'd like to remember you.
They gather round to keep me warm,
They say everything's cold in December.
I'll hold it in, and try to pretend,
That you'll be home any day.
But deep inside, I try but I can't hide the fact
That you're not coming back, never coming back,
Please come back to me.

And they said you'd get better,
But now you're gone.
You're all that I wanted.
What did I do wrong
But I can't bring you back

Don't look down on me
It's not as bad as you might think.
And though I wanna scream.
I'll just hold it in, until I bleed.
Cos' we live inside these boundaries
Held high and all around us.
And they separate. Separate you from me.
And I can't wait til one day they crumble away.
Cos' there's so much I've wanted to say.

I love you,
Just wait a while,
I miss you,
Just wait.

But if He'd care, while you're up there, just tell Him I'd do anything.
Just for a night, my consolation prize, somehow come back to me.

And they said you'd get better.
Aren't you better off?
Cos' you're with the angels,
And I tread among the lost.
But there's no consolation.

I can't see you,
But I know you're there,
I feel you in the air feel you everywhere,
I feel your breath upon my neck,
And I scream outloud when I go to bed.
And I can't even sleep, and I can't even breathe,
And I can't even think, but I'll see you in my dreams.
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Consolation Lyrics

Pico Vs. Island Trees – Consolation Lyrics