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Back To Paradise Lyrics

Phyllis Hyman – Back To Paradise Lyrics

Oooh, Heyy,

It's almost 4am
And I'm all by myself
I'm wondering when you've been
And are you in love with
Someone else

It's such a fine affair
We all most had it all
We grow old once and then
It's colder now
In any weather


I've been waiting
Here at the gates of heaven
Waiting for us
To forgive and get together


Gotta get back to paradise
Tell me what do I need to do
Gotta get back to paradise
Cause I'm so in love with you

Can we find a way
To put the past away
To start it all anew

Distant as a star
Come on talk to me
And take me to your heart
Cause I've been waiting paitently

We can start a fire
Warm it by degrees
Til we build it up
To the love we had together

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)

I got to find a way
To your heart
My darling
Along the way
And find a place
Where we went wrong
Gotta get back to
Where we belong

(Repeat Chorus)
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