It's the mother phunking Junkeez
Taking you for a test drive
Don't try to front
The posse's gonna kick it live
With a style so versatile
Rocking the mic on top of the pile
So turn up the system; push the level past 10
Hit record, sucker
You'll want to hear it again
So listen up, y'all while we demonstrate
The doped up beat of the B-Boy Break.

We're B-Boy tough
We're B-Boy hard

A two-man hit squad that will exterminate
This is for real; we never perpetrate
All you poseurs say you are hardcore
Stalk us as prey, but we are the predators
Feel the bass as the rhythm kicks in
Guitar in the back with the snare drum fill-in
We overpower with the vocal firepower
An hour after hour, our rhymes stay high powered
Our beats are on the upswing
We say it in a rap because we do not sing
Informers, performers
We are the the brainstormers
We do it like this because we're no conformers
Thoughts and rhymes that always interlink
Say what's on our minds because we do not lip sync
A-B-C, what's it gonna be
Are you ready for the rhythm
Roachclip get down.

We're B-Boy tough
We're B-Boy hard

Hooray, hooraw ya sis-boom-ba
I shave my head but don't koombaya
So get up Mr. Tambourine Man
Like O.J. Simpson, I'll fly across the land in a second
Build a shop, and I'll wreck it
We're microphone checking so you best respect it
Tracks on wax, that the facts
Look out here comes a rap attack.

We're B-Boy tough
We're B-Boy hard
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B-boy Hard Lyrics

Phunk Junkeez – B-boy Hard Lyrics