When I met you
Everything was all right.
We'd see each other
Ev'ry single night.
I can remember
Our first fight.
It was about
Who drank
The last of
The Sprite.
But that's O. K.
Sometimes things work out that way.
Everything is fine.
This kinda thing happens all the time...
All I need is to hear you say...
I Love You...
Verse 2:
We worked it out.
'Went for ice cream.
We sat on the same side
Of the booth at Dairy Queen.
Things were going smooth
Well that's how it seemed.
Then I yelled at you.
That was pretty mean.
Yeah baby I love you.
I need to hear you say
I love you.
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I Need To Hear You Say Lyrics

Phobia – I Need To Hear You Say Lyrics