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My Story Lyrics

Philthy Rich – My Story Lyrics

[Verse 1]
It's Philthy nigga
Ya'll don't know my story
Look, I was kicked up out the house in the third grade
I was eleven years old when I caught my first case
Around the same time when I first met my pops nigga
I was already introduced to the block
Oakland nigga bitch ain't ever been from nowhere else
Them other niggas stuck up in the hood or on the shelf
Mad that I elevated so them niggas hated
I'm getting money now so they say I'm underrated
They don't know a nigga story and where I came from
You steady hollering out that hood that you ain't from
Name one nigga in the bay who did it like me
Three thousand dollars on these reds nigga these ain't nikes Everything paid for ain't nothing rented
If it was that easy to rent then why you ain't' in it
The baddest bitches ain't fucking on no broke niggas
Ya'll too infatuated with fucking with your nose nigga
It's philthy

[Verse 2]
I'm just saying though nigga
Niggas dont know my story
Ya'll ain't seen my struggle
I'm fresh up out the trap nigga
Please dont get it twisted with this rap shit though
It's philthy nigga, look
I say now kill zone, TFL, FOD
Check my resume little nigga I've been moving D
I'm probably one of the only rap niggas who really seen a key
And I ain't talking 'bout for your car when I mean a key
Calling evey bitch in my phone I don't know where to go
Now every bitch calling me to see the condo
Long nights on the block just me and my hammer
Long nights locked up just me in the slammer
Niggas ain't real naw niggas ain't feel me
Jim talkin mills when he talkin about my deal
All my life been let down by a lot of broken promises
No high school diploma but I got a lot of common sense
The streets taught me everything now everything is foreign
Players dont keep score bitch we keep scorin'
Didn't know how to drive a stick until I copped an Aston
So that means I learnt and the clutch still ain't' burnt and it's Philthy nigga
Nigga I still ain't lied in one verse nigga
I keep it all the way one hundred
Check my resume nigga
A one since day one
You niggas fufu, that's fugazy
It's philthy nigga

[Verse 3]
Look say now bitch im from the east, glass house, caprice
Looked up to the og's, praying one day that would be me
First you say I'm broke and then I'm buying verses
Not one real line in all four of them niggas verses
No Kendrick Lamar, hollow tips through your car
It's a mac in my backpack you shoot at me I shoot back
That's how we was raised on the highway for days
Brick stuffed in my component clips stuffed for my opponent
Bitch I'm from the trap don't get it twisted with this rap shit because I'm fly now dont got shit to do with my past tense
The niggas I fuck with balling they can loan you a kick
And for the right price nigga I'll loan you my bitch
Twenty bands at the wins so they comp in the tower
Bad Brazilian bitch got her stepping out the shower
She don't speak no english knock that have body english
I'ma break that hoe for everything before I give her penis
It's Philthy nigga
I keep this shit real nigga
That's somethin you niggas find hard to do
This shit easy to me though
Stop worrying about what I got going on
Stop worrying about what Philthy doing nigga
I'm getting money nigga
That's what it's about right
Get rich or die trying right
Well nigga I'ma die trying nigga
But before I die I'ma get rich though
Niggas don't understand this shit man
I'm him nigga
I'm him nigga
It's Philthy
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