A scene so familiar at the old five and dime
The little boy waited his turn in line
And with eyes so intent he proudly displayed
The candy he'd buy with the money he'd saved
The girl at the counter wasn't sure what to do
Cause the money was less than the price that was due
Then a stranger spoke up from his place in line
Said whatever he's short just take it and add it to mine
I've got you covered, I'll pay the difference
You don't have to worry at all
Whatever the cost is I'll go the distance
If you fail, I will catch you
You know I wont let you feel like you're there all alone
I've got you covered
Sometimes when I look back it's hard to explain
Just how far I've come yet how little has changed
I still long to hold what seems so out of reach
Only to find out it's not what it seems
I come to the Father alone and afraid
In need of forgiveness yet it's so far away
I cry out for mercy a child so in need
With a voice of compassion the Father calls out to me
I know what you're facing, I see where you're standing
I'm holding all the answers you need
Cause no situation will ever take you out of My reach
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I've Got You Covered Lyrics

Phillips, Craig & Dean – I've Got You Covered Lyrics