I gave you zits
You gave me impotence
When you were hugging me...
And everytime you hugged me
You saw a falling star
And we saw waterworld
When we left the movies...

Love spread around me
Merry go round, merry go round
Love spread around me
Merry go round

And the sea was rough
Electricity gone, we were stuck
When the road was a river
So we swam in the river
And you gave me love
You, of metaphoric beauty
I gave you importance
You gave me a public nightmare
We were so strong and, and our rivers were flooding

Love spread around me.....

And everything else seemed to go down under
But we gave us the power, love spread around me
But we were so strong, we were so strong and our love...
Of metaphoric beauty

Love spread around me...
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Love Spread Around Me Lyrics

Phillip Boa – Love Spread Around Me Lyrics