Jackson, mississippi, is a mighty white town,
The white folks they like to keep the black folks down
They think they'll be allright, but there's gonna be a fight
And they'll have to share that freedom crown,
Yes, they'll have to share that freedom crown.
Freedom riders roll along
Freedom riders won't be long
Won't be long.

They boarded a bus in washington d.c.
To enter a state half slave and half free
The wheels hummed a song and they sang along
The song of liberty, the song of liberty.

Jimmy farmer was a hard fightin' man
Decided one day that he had to make a stand
He led them down to slavery town
And they threw jim farmer in the can
And they threw jim farmer in the can.

One of these days and it won't be long
The solid south is gonna sing another song
They'll understand that a man's not a man
'til he has all the freedoms of the land.
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Freedom Riders Lyrics

Phil Ochs – Freedom Riders Lyrics

Songwriters: PHIL OCHS
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