He sees you down by the waterline
Knows what you're thinking all the time
He sees the rising of the waves
And when the tide starts rolling in
He lets you know it's gonna be okay
He sees you dancing in the moonlight
His arms around you hold you tight
And if those clouds should start to break
He'll be standing out in the rain with you
And though it's hard to believe
He believes in you
God is watching over you as always
You are loved whatever you go through
He's right beside you
God is watching over you as always
And if you think He'll ever leave you
You'd better think again
Painted in the sky a rainbow to remind you
Nothing that it broken cannot be made new
He knows when you feel so far away
He's gonna keep the nightlight on
He's waiting there, there to recieve you
Through fire, through wind, and through rain
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow the same
Nothing here could take this love
Nothing you could do would break this love
Climb a tree, gonna reach so high
Swing low, sweet chariot
It's time to fly
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God Is Watching Over You Lyrics

Phil Joel – God Is Watching Over You Lyrics