Do I map out where I'm going
Do I pack my bags just right
Should I depart in the morning
Or do I wait till night
There's a lot now to consider
Hear the siren sound
Will I make my route thru Cleveland
Is that the way to go
With the shinning lights behind me
And the bridges filled with tolls
Or should I go through Memphis
And hear that Elvis song
Either way's a long long drive long long drive
As I travel on
Do I think that I am lucky
With my cards all in my face
Or was it just the given
Of a hand that's filled with grace
I guess I'm going somewhere
Somewhere I don't know
Way up there watch me climb watch me climb
As I travel on
Oh it's a long long road
From sea to sea and shining star
Oh it's a long long road
To find out where it starts and stops
Oh it's a long long road long long road
That I travel on
Will I travel on my mission
Will I keep myself at pace
With a suitcase of ambition
And a smile kept on my face
There's a lot out there to offer
A lot there to be found
And another day to hit the road by as I travel on
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Travel On Lyrics

Phil Celia – Travel On Lyrics