Wild fire in me
Wanna burn a little brighter
She may be crazy
But I'll never let her fade
Faces looking hungry
In the darkness all around me
Wanna take my light away

Little wild fire in me
Gonna burn a lot of bridges
I may be crazy
But she gotta lead the way
Faces looking angry
In the darkness all around me
Never took my light away


How do you get me
So well that I don't know how to get me
Myself, I think I'm bad for you baby
But you just get me, don't you?
Don't you?

Why do I keep feeling like I lost the world around me
And if I look behind
I'll never find a way
Wild fire in me
I will never let you go
Long as I can stay alive

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Little Wild Fire Lyrics

Phil Beaudreau – Little Wild Fire Lyrics