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The Hardest Part Lyrics

Phaze Jackson – The Hardest Part Lyrics

The letting go was the hardest part that I ever did
Hard to admit but man I thought that she was heaven sent
Sitting and thinking about would could of been I reminisce
On how it always tortures me loving you is my nemesis
Now your in love with someone else and I've fallen to hard
As you sit me up on a shelf and I'm falling apart
Now it's hard to restart
The next womens either going to have to fix me
These symptoms are so addictiong
Yet painful it's contradictive
Joyful but yet it hurs
The fact is you got it bad but the truth is I got it worse
I can even think of what I'm going to say next
The love in me has dies so I'ma take my next breath
Let it breathe.

Don't know the definition but yet we're all about it
I put my heart back together and built this wall around it
Cuz see this life hurts, but love kills
And I'm still wondering how truly being loved feels
I think of giving up occasionally day to day
But see now seeing lyrics the reason that I decide to stay
So if I die today
Somebody tell her that I'll miss her and I love her
Way more than I love another
You do what you gotta do it's either do or die
I'm heartless commiting emotional suicide
It's either you or I and I choose me
Because you don't know your the reason that I continue breathing
Lord I know that I've been distant man
Because I remember praying when I believed that you were listening
Now I know you are, yea I know you are
Timeless like an automar and this right here's the hardest part.
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