Words by Phat Chance
Music by Phat Chance & Scotty Wilbanks

Each time we sing this song, we're asking ourselves, "Are we really giving EVERYTHING to God?" Nothing less than total commitment is acceptable - all that we have and do must be for God and His glory. If He does not have all of us, who does? If we give every thing... Every day... Every second to Him, He will direct our paths. Luke 14: 33, Rom. 12: 1-2, Mark 10: 21

It's been a hard time,
I said, a hard time here without You.
I try it my way,
But when I try it my way it doesn't work well.

I need to run back,
Back into, back to the place where,
Where I was,
Where you'll take me as I am.
Where I was when I took your hand.

And I will give you everything,
Give you all of me,
Give you everything, now.

The devil tries,
The devil tries, to pull me down.
Trying to be cool can really drag you down.

And I'll go where You go now,
What I've let go can't hold me down.
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Give You Everything Lyrics

Phat Chance – Give You Everything Lyrics