I don't know where my temper went
I lost it in an argument
You kept too sharp and careless
When you made your point and pierced me with it
I said it did a perfect match
Its meant to burn with just a scratch
Now that should seem to fire you up
How do I approach this conversation
'cause I feel like a firetruck
Pulling up too late
To obvious arsen
I said I'm good I'm moving on
Well it won't be long, it won't be long
What was that thing hanging from your lips
I swear I wont become afixed
I watched the smoke you struck a flame
You then held to your cigarette
Now was there something more you meant
That I had not uncovered yet
Well I guess that's just about as close
As I was ever going to get
Walking along I start to gash
It's nothing more It's just a scratch
You fanned the fire you fanned your lash
And I feel like I'm about to collapse
I'm telling you it does not hurt
Don't ask you'll only make it worse
Walking along I start to gash
It's nothing more it's just a scratch
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Just A Scratch Lyrics

Phantom Planet – Just A Scratch Lyrics