It's time to fuck shit up!

Fuck you
Why you gotta talk shit
(fuck you)
Is it really me that your mad at
Are you dealing with the feeling that your insecure
So you think that you're a bad ass
Pop off man I've fucking had it
So far I have let it go
But now I'm fucking done

I don't car about the consequence
When I'm done your gonna fucking wish
That you never would've put that knife into my back
Don't try to come sucking up to me
Don't try to say you want to talk to me
So far I have let it go but now I'm simply
Done (done)
With you (with you)
And all the fucked up things that you put me through

No more
Will I stand for what you bring down on me
No more
Can I take this lying down I've had enough

Just who the fuck do you think you are?
That you are better than everyone
You don't mean shit
You have no tact
You aren't worth the sweat off my back
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That One Song Lyrics

Ph8 – That One Song Lyrics