We the people get down with the sound of the clown like a man on the moon,
We the people get mad when you tell us that we need another army platoon.
We the people don't buy all the shit that exudes from your lip with the jip that you jip
We buy the papers that give us information see the faces you're facin' go boom!

Ay – e – ay ay – e – ah ah ah


We make plans for a new civilisation, hope for the world, hope for the nation.
We don't buy your political lies with your fantasy highs, your celebrity lives,
Down with the television, bye bye
Down, down with the magazines bye bye
Down, down with the things we no longer wanna buy
Down Mr politician man bye bye

Commodity, pathology an craven anti-ology,
Competing in a partnership of broken ideology
God made the world but the world now makes God
& we sell him on the internet n reinvent the alphabet
Take our words and they twist all the meaning,
Kill you for talking and pay you for stealing
The liberty and freedom of another nation
But what the hell, if it stops the inflation
A capitalist system of globalisation.

Mmmmmmm, ya know, ya know, ya know,... But listen
Because your number is up...
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We The People Lyrics

Peyoti For President – We The People Lyrics