You came to me one morning
And took my heart away
I knew I had it comin'
But I wanted it that way.
Love is all around the world - no matter where we go -
As long as we're believers I know we can make it so.
I can see it clearly
I will never be the same.
Even in my dreams I see your eyes.
As far as I remember and as far as I've been told -
Silence is of silver but loving you is gold.
I've lost my way - I can't believe in yesterday
Oh yeah

I'm loosing more and more each day.
I've lost my way - I can't believe in yesterday

In dreams I find so much to say.
I can't control my feelings as long as you're around.
Your love came by and touched me -
I'm in the lost and found. I turn around in circles

I don't know where to go.
Your love is like the kiss of wine I like the taste and so
I'm forever dreamin' of a saison in the sun

I'd run away with you and we could hide.
We'd sail along together - just two lovers in the sky

'Cause you're the only reason I'm alive.

I've lost my way - . . .
I've lost my way - . . .
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I've Lost My Way Lyrics

Peter Griffin – I've Lost My Way Lyrics