Three young women sitting on a chair
Looking mighty pretty, try not to stair
They're dressed to kill In red and black
I like the one with a Shark tattoo on her back

How do I approach her, it's time to think
Do I say hello or buy her a drink.?

She looks at me and gives me the eye
Heart starts racing, feel that I could die
I'm on my feet, I'm heading her way
I'm nervous as hell, what am I gonna say

But I'm still sat down, I've gone nowhere
It's all in my head, It's 'do or dare'

Time goes by, the club shuts soon
Like a changing wolf, I need a full moon

It's late,
It's late repeat
But not too late

On the count of three
One... This is it...
Two... Seize the moment
Three... I'm going in
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Not Too Late Lyrics

Pete And The Shadow – Not Too Late Lyrics