If you tell me that I won't make a living with out you
I afraid you gonna break my heart
What's Going on?
What's going on?

If I get in trouble and you living with out me
I afraid you've done and broken my heart
What's going on?
What went wrong?

Tell me, tell me I won't be here alone
Stay with me and I won't be on my own
Won't you tease me 'cause your blade is so sharp
Promise me not to ever breaking
My heart

Our living in this world wasn't scattered with roses
I believe without a shadow of a doubt
It's all you want?
All love is wrong

There is no one will be hurt as a luck would have it
There is nothing else to break my heart
Love isn't bad!
I'm getting mad!

Everething seemed so real, Nothing was nearly truth
My dream was fake, like you
The thriller Fade
As gone toothache
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What's Going Wrong Lyrics

Perseids – What's Going Wrong Lyrics