Restricting ocular perception to attain the forbidden axiom.
Shedding the weight of this fiction links oneself to the absolute.
Equals assume the form of lower life, as I become more than my physical self.
Join in the walk to an unknown realm; A higher level of consciousness.

Shifted vision, kaleidoscopic emission.
The human form unwillingly disengaged.
We are the people of the snake, controlling the minds of a race in embryonic state.
Sons of god interbred with the daughters of man spawn a hybrid for a perfect successor.
Oblivious to disambiguation, this superior bloodline will rule every nation.
The separation of particles comparable to melting flesh.
Extinguished by euphoria.

Rebirth has shattered my perception of truth.

Centering the mind to decipher broken tones.

"Masked by religion, I have global control.
A prophecy in which you must immerse.
An ancient craft I shall bestow.
I am the Grand Architect of the Universe.
With motives nothing less than heinous, my aura devours the galaxy!"
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Nephilim Lyrics

Persaeus – Nephilim Lyrics

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