Ah yeah Pepe G once again

I am just amazing with everything that I do
The only sense of 80s by the trials I all...
Yeah now getting faded I hard beat
I'm thinking all I got just made it
I fly just the sky super dead till I'm faded
Sio double T that's me, chillin with my boys
You always fun I set the beach swag the all point
To get this point put this beach about the jungle
Like I'm lila... And looking at me
Like damn you wanna speech like yeah is my judge
Listen to this niggas preach we go whole bad go
I head dream big I got that for my goal
And it took... Take the shit of the creator
I took the step forget it
One the girls are hate it
Not to mention I would make it
I'm so true like a tooth walk it make it,
The realest of this beat state

The niggas wanna fly for those who wanna bite it
The hood down town,
Yeah I'm stay cool stay fly for those who wanna head
Who wanna bake, step aside if you wanna claim
Stay who, stay fly, for those who wanna bite in the hood down town
I'ma stay cool, stay fly, for those who wanna head
Who wanna bake, step aside if you wanna claim
Pimpin in the hood in this real downtown
Yeah we keepin it pimpin in this hood,
In this real downtown, yeah we keepin it

Yeah, yeah I'm bad carnal beats
The greatness you can feel it when it's beats
The game ain't spit so I endure the situation
I do it to the step and I fold...
You hold this in a month but now you wanna mention
I'm pg, 50 lies of your D's that's your ep
Lolli told to keep good, that's cool
I've been ready we're so young and blessed
Yeah we rock and steady I'm on the ship that never sink
It's like never going fast
The niggas enough to... Cooking up the fire
Go ahead I smack and slow, niggas wanna test me
That's why I always smack and flow
Scot spit fire, wipe yeah yeah we on the road
Put that city on the map
Where I be where I step Scot beg is where I meant
I never rap the city I don't know to get enough

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Pimpin Lyrics

Pepe – Pimpin Lyrics

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