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The Breakdown Lyrics

People Under The Stairs – The Breakdown Lyrics

One two one two

[Verse 1: Double K]

They say tap the bottle and twist the cap off
In your nugget it’s the rugged book report slanger
I’m a banger, the kind you keep in your disc changer
The best five for your greenbacks we make em ease back
Push that album release back and re-think
While I remax in one of them hot air joints
Floatin over the city like the Goodyear pimp
Fuckin' up your ballgame with my fame you’re lame
The frequencies get tweaked capacities get pushed
To the limit tell em I did it just to stay up in it
I play to win at all costs and I stay in the way of danger
To bein’ real I’m a relative, never been a stranger
So when you see me walk by nigga speak up
I’m a fan of hip-hop since EU and Da Butt was in
And my nigga Doug Fresh ran the show
Three Times was Dope and MTV was yo
But now they’re slow and guaranteed to show
Some extra’d out rap niggas braggin big about figures
Never spit about an Escalade if you ain’t rollin
Don’t spit about no weapons if you know you ain’t holdin
I’m only breakin' it down cuz fools be breakin' the rules
Yo, I love P Funk I’m from the old school
Serious it’s steady bill, bringin the raw deal
Straight from the west compound bringing you the break down


The break down

[Verse 2: Thes]

Thes One representin Lima Peru
Mi barrio suco my Los Angeles crew
For unity heads that I met chillin in 92
Here’s another album we found em go pound em with the new
Lyrical blue light night special the waterloo
World-travelin have a new Fat Larry-style crew
Havin to move place to place with a smile face
Cookin down the vinyl to finally make bass
Something for sophisticated 8th-grade hip hop taste
For heads that remember the breakup of 3rd Bass
Tribe, EPMD, Pete Rock and C.L Smooth
Hear immense influence that congruent in my groove
It’s a tribute, a syllophantic, god damnit
That my loops and breaks I excavate second-handed
I’m just bein me and doin my best with what I’m blessed with
Influence of the west that frontier fresh shit
The sunset jetset where kids catch wreck
It’s no thing to see my on Venice bumping Reign of the Tec
And fellow shit, my mellow pick em up in Crescent Heights
We dip to the hype club and rock it all night Gs
The people under the limelight are like you
Drama with our ladies and can’t afford a Mercedes
But been in it to win it since the 80s so play these
Tracks with a heart and an infinite sound break it down


The break down

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