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Take The Fruit Lyrics

People Under The Stairs – Take The Fruit Lyrics

[Yeah, all the fruit, take all the cherries from the Pac-Ville stores x4]

We'd like to welcome everybody
Parents, children, teachers, George W. Bush Elementary
We got some speakers today
Come to talk about what kids should do
How your kids should live
Think you guys will dig this
So you're welcome to take notes and watch
Well here he comes

Come on kids, brush your teeth
Three times a day and after every and each meal
Now make your bed up everyday
And don't beat up kids when you go out to play
Yeah, aha, be real nice
And wash out your head, so that you don't get lice
And when your mom says no, don't put on a show
Be a little buddy and just go with the flow

And eat a lot of fruit instead of sugary sweets
And exercise dancing to these big drum beats
So you could grow up strong like Tiger Woods
Stay in school and don't hang out in the hood
You look both ways before you cross the street
And only sample records if you're making a beat
And if you follow these rules your life will be great
Oh yeah, two more things
Go to bed before eight, and just

Just take the fruit, take the fruit and scoot
Yeah, all the fruit, take all the cherries from the Pac-Ville stores [x2]
Hey, who's fruit cup is this?
Hey, no eating ice cream man
Pay attention, pay attention man, sit down

Children from all ages, live from the auditorium
Your teach give instructions?
Turn around and ignore them
Tell them you like food fights and your dad does dope
You only came to school to chill and watch these girls jump rope
You hate sitting in class, but you like your homework
You know, fresh cartoons into late in the afternoon

Or bumping your rap tape until your mom says it's late
You shoulda been in bed, remember what your teacher said
Wash your face before a nap, and breakfast before school
Moms put that apple in your lunch, we know that ain't cool
We feelin y'all kids for real, I'mma tell you the deal, goin
[Take all the strawberries, apples and cores]

You'll live a long time kid, my homie did
For a bag of Lemonheads and suede Pro Keds
Now all the kids like him, they try to never psych him
They try to be just like him, and never do divide him
Rhymes never bite them, don't recite them too loud
You'll get a call home and watch your moms yell out
And if you're age of 13, take heed in what you heard
P.U.T.S be the fresh and your teachers a nerd
And remember man, no spittin, no hittin, no swearing
[Take all the strawberries, apples and cores]

That's right; make sure you're sharing, no playing, double-daring
Go straight to day-caring, if you listen we'll play caring
Ay man

Just take the fruit, take the fruit and scoot

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