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Jamboree, Pt. 2 Lyrics

People Under The Stairs – Jamboree, Pt. 2 Lyrics

[Background conversation]

[Double K]
The barbeque's done, I'm not sober
Looking for some skin so I can get some (shut yo mouth)
Alright, I mean come over and rub my back
We can drink on this Bombay and smoke this sack
But I don't have any phone numbers on hand
And all the girls around here are cooling with their man
Plan b: pour up another cup and erupt
Yo Thes come get this drink (yo, I can't, I'm cleaning up)
Man "I'm cleaning up" yo, later for that
It's only midnight and this is where it's at
Who wants some Parliament to reignite the night
A couple more people arrive with Amstel Light
"Who the fuck are they?" I said with a slur
They stepped into the light and all I seen was her
You better watch that man. Yo, I'ma punch her man
And dance around the room so I can kiss her hand
But that approach wouldn't be civilized, right?
So I sang "Flashlight"—The 12 inch version
It seems like my liver is the only thing I'm hurting
Blurting out obscenities seemed to be the remedy
I'm sure these people around me want to get rid of me

[Thes One]
Dude this house is a mess (no it ain't man)
Most everybody left
Some didn't say bye, it's cool
Only the crew's here
Time to post-up there's a couple of beers
Hey y'all cheers to a good night
Another J they'd light
They'll probably stay all night I'd rather that than they leave
If they stumble to the door I'm surely taking their keys
Hey grab a seat, we'll reminisce about those old times
Like Aladdin's Castle, DJ Aladdin
2 Live Crew rhymes and 2-player Madden
I guess it's kinda sad when its the end of the night
The homie Bado[?] came back with some Amstel Light
Now Mikey's beatboxing bass lines to "Flashlight"
They argue and laugh it's all funny to me
I got all my homies drunk on my balcony
I can feel myself fading as the story relayed
About a DJ that played
Maskaraid by Ace and Ab Rude
I wake up like "dude LA's the shit!"
They all nod their heads, take another hit
You might remember that H block shit
I feel myself fading, another hit

[Drunk banter about making margaritas]

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