Fuckin' in the shadow with a whore
Going straight to hell
Still I'm trying to ignore
That disgusting smell

Bodies in the darkness
Dancing with me
Whispering voices
Bless me with lust and pain

Pussy turns to bloody gore
Where only vermin dwells
Sickness is her fucking name
And sickness' what she sells

Zombies in the darkness
Dancing with me
Bless me with sickness
While I'm fucking her

Come on baby - fuck with me
Suck my dick - as I lick
Put my fucking tongue in your
Muscous cunt - stinky cunt

Eat your pugnent smelling shit
That is fun - this is it
Get your pussy wet for me
Love me baby please - Fuck

Sweat runs down my neck
My heart is beating fast
Maggots crawl inside my veins
No longer it will last

Devils in the darkness - torturing me
No longer dancing - curse me with death and hate

No more I'm a human beeing
Now I'm living dead
I will be your worthless shit
I'll turn your head

Dancing in the darkness
Whispering voice
I will devour you,
Curse you with lust and pain.
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Dead Girls Boogie (The Living Dead) Lyrics

Penetralia – Dead Girls Boogie (The Living Dead) Lyrics