The rain trickles down from the sky.
Maybe God is crying loneliness.
Wind calmed
Has already morning face.
Time stood still,
Only the clock is ticking.

I was dreaming that I saw last night.
It was a strange
Like life.
I thought I knew a lot about, I guess.
Now I know that I just thought.

The days following, but
Each other.
Dreams distinguish them from each other.
I am pleased
But also happy
  I would be if I could get even
Crazy dreams back.

We are a small
Crystal beads.
Time cruel game.
We were beaten
And we need to rotate.
A nice shine, and no pain.

Yesterday, we were still children.
Tomorrow may already be gray hapsia.
All is well, if only I could get more
Crazy dreams back.
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Hullut Unelmat Lyrics

Pelle Miljoona – Hullut Unelmat Lyrics