Useless playin, into that game
Morals not included
Countless system , ill help you kill them
Morals are poluted


Im runnin like the thuner under this nation
Drag me to the ruins of a wicked salvation
Its rainin underneath i keepon my dagger
Triangles lost in the space of the unfair

And the wolves has surrunded me now
Tryin to keep off thoughts of my head
The day of revolution will come another day
You know the resolution for the onimus sayin


Nothing grows
Nothing owes
In my world

Lines of trails
Skies and tales
Killz its roots


Nothing chanced there, we're all infected
Morals are poluted
Noone's stuck there, we're all replacements
Instructions are included


Im runnin of the lightment thrown into my face
Cunnin like the devil living into my trace
Social wiring complicated shells
You givin now your self to the mushroom of your cell
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Kill The Bloody Mushroom Lyrics

Pelfekin – Kill The Bloody Mushroom Lyrics