This days not goin my way
I want to get a magazine
But I accidentally grabbed
Playboy instead of J-14
And I mistaked Dr. Pepper for Pepsi
Later That day my boyfriend broke up with me
For girl(let's face it) pretter than me

Things can bring me down
But I can stay sad

World look at me
I am happy
Things can't bring me down
World look at me
I am happy!
Even though things might go wrong
Got to make them better sometime anyway

So ok they let me return the magazine
Ok I got a taste for Dr. Pepper
And started liking it better than Pepsi
My boyfriend even made up with me

World look at me
I am Happy
Even though things might bring me down
Can't stay sad
So world look at me
Because I'm Hap-py!

You can't stay sad
So be happy
No matter what it may be

So world look at you
You are happy
Things don't bring you down

World look at me
Yeah yeah yeah

I am happy
We are happy
Ohhhhh ohh ohhhhhhhhh
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I'm Happy Lyrics

Peggy Sue – I'm Happy Lyrics