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Miss Heroin Lyrics

Peggy Seeger – Miss Heroin Lyrics

So now little man you've grown tired of grass
Mescaline, Cocaine, Acid and Hash
Here's someone pretending to be your friend
Let me introduce you to Miss Heroin

Well sweetie before you start fooling with me
Let me inform you how it will be
Don't get no illusions, you'll be my slave
I've sent men much stronger than you to their grave

And when I have entered deep down in your veins
Craving me always will drive you insane
You'd sell your own mother to pay for my charms
And rock in contentment with me in your arms

And when you realise the monster you've grown
You'll solemnly promise to leave me alone
Do you think you're special, got some kind of knack
Wait 'til you try getting me off your back

The vomits the cramps your guts tied in a knot
And every nerve screaming for one little shot
The hot sweats the cold chills the withdrawal pains
All are relieved by my little white grains

And when you return just as I have foretold
You'll bring me your body, your conscience your soul
You'll bring me your future, your freedom your heart
And you will be mine until death do us part
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