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High Roller Lyrics

Pegboard Nerds – High Roller Lyrics

Music is a drug (x4)

I don't need a dime
Bitch I'm still a high roller

I don't need a dime
Bitch I'm still a high roller

[Verse 1:]
Half-naked women, glowsticks and shots
N-n-naked women, glowsticks and shots
Shots, shots, shots, shots

Yo, if I ever lose focus know my heart's still always in it
That's why groupies always blow to see the way you try to spin it
Fuck the opinionated critics, see how I roll
Til the tour bus driver take the expressway, so
Cause when you cross the city limits, the night can take a toll
I don't really know my limits, I think it's something you should know
Only time I feel alive is when those stage lights shine
This passion mixed with patience, dedication on the grind
Medicated all the time, but I'm quick to switch my style up
Just to fuck with the people who said we couldn't make it and watch them get riled up
And to every one behind us here's a petition, you should sign it
To eliminate the haters and to sew up their vaginas


B-b-b-b-bitch (x3)

[Hook x3]

Music is a drug, we never can stay sober (x3)


Bitch I'm still a high roller [x6]
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