Peetie Wheatstraw Stomp No 2 Trk 6 Disc 2 2: 38
Peetie Wheatstraw (William Bunch)
Peetie Wheatstraw - vocal, w/Lonnie Johnson - gtr, unk acc.
March 26, 1937 Chicago, Decca 7391
Album: Peetie Wheatstraw Essentials Album
Allego Classic Blues cbl 200037

Ev'rybody hollerin'
Here come that Peetie Wheatstraw!
Ev'rybody hollerin'
Here come that, Peetie Wheatstraw!
I better known for the Devil's Son-in-Law

Ev'rybody wonderin'
What's that Peetie Wheatstraw do?
Yee-hee-well, what's that Peetie Wheatstraw do?
But ev'rytime you hear him
He comin' out with somethin' new

(piano rag)

'Show 'em what Peetie Wheatstraw do, boy! '

He makes them happy
Some he make cry
Eee, makes them happy
Some that he make cry
But now he made a-one old lady
Go hang herself an die

(piano boogie)

This is Peetie Wheatstraw
I'm always in your line
This is Peetie Wheatstraw
Then again I'm always on your line
Save up your nickels and dimes
You can come up an see me sometime!

'Play us a little bit, boys'

(piano rag)

Now, good folks I say, if you got it, spend it.
Save your nickel an dimes
You can come up an see me sometimes.

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Peetie Wheatstaw Stomp No. 2 Lyrics

Peetie Wheatstraw – Peetie Wheatstaw Stomp No. 2 Lyrics