The stars are fallin'
On your hair
Under the porcelain moonlight
Lying down on the sand
Just you and me, and the band
Playin' on our stereo
Can't think of any better place to go, oh

The clouds are forming our names
Fireworks shooting to the sea
'Cause you believe in me
And I believe in you, that...

We can make our dreams come true
Together through the rough and smooth
Oh God, I don't mind livin' this day,
Through and through

The cool wind is blowing
On our skin
Under the commanding sun
Something has just begun
Your deep eyes
The orange skies
This indeed is one of those
Good, good, good, good times

[Repeat Refrain]

[Repeat Chorus 2x]
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Deep Eyes Lyrics

Pedicab – Deep Eyes Lyrics