It's ok, it's alright(
You're going to wake up to the sunshine(
It's ok, it's alright(
Because you've got a lullaby

If I could sing to you my friend I would whisper soft and low(
Have each note fall gently upon your ears so you don't feel alone(
'Cause Lord knows that you love the music, yeah, I sure love it, too(
But sometimes I feel the music leaves me and I feel it's just looking for


Now you're been gone for oh, so long that I can't tell(
And I choose not to count the days 'cause if I do, my heart will
You see, the longer it goes, the more that it seems like you don't even
And part of me goes missing until I remember this


But back at home there's a girl who sleeps on her side of the bed(
She tells me of a destined love and that one day she will wed(
And we all want this true kind of love

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Sunshine Lullaby Lyrics

Pebaluna – Sunshine Lullaby Lyrics