Hard times
Aren't good times
But we'll still try
To see them through
And your eyes
Wouldn't meet mine
If we both don't
Even try

Oh tell me once again
How we shouldn't even care
Cause I'm just making sure
That there's nothing really there
You and I once fought
On the same side of a war
And I just never thought
There could be that much more

Oh, we just never thought
Oh, we just never thought
Oh, we just never realized
There wasn't enough time

My friends
Don't be lost now
Cause we're not done yet
Not even close
We've got
Every reason
To keep our heads up
Above this test

Life just keeps on movin
And you better get in line
And you have got to realize
That you're runing out of time
Nothing stops for anyone
Who's sleeping on their side
Ignorance and mysery
Are living in those eyes

We just never tried
We just never tried
We just never realized
That there wasn't enough time
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Hard Times Lyrics

Peasant – Hard Times Lyrics

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