I'm a merchant princess in a junk-shop
In a junk-shop at the sales in my shop.
I sell ting-a-ling, darling anything.

I sell big waterjuwels, snore-traps and a single twin parachut for angels, and a healthy Micky Finn

I sell major key thunder and a Chinese Cha cha cha, Bengal Fire,
Hoochy-Koochey and Jambalaya

I sell love sick remedy and topsy-truvy hats, kisses in a matchbox and

I sell pink rubber-watches
To stretch universal time, a top ten single hit without a rhythm or a rhyme

Golden hair for jelly-fish, an All-Solution-Book
Special glue for broken hearts, and the perfect look

Vanishing pyjamas and a train that loops the loop a cheap tongue-twist unraveller and ice cubes in tubes.

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Merchant Princess Lyrics

Peacock Palace – Merchant Princess Lyrics

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