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Small Town Paradise Lyrics

Payton Taylor – Small Town Paradise Lyrics

Some people think paradise
Is Palm Trees or neon lights,
A tall, fruity drink in their hand
On a beach somewhere with their cheeks in the sand
Well, they can keep all of those big city dreams,
Paradise is a whole lot more
Simple to me.

It’s where there’s horse farms, backyards,
Pickup trucks and steel guitars,
Barbecues and tailgates
Kids say “yes ma’am”, “no sir”,
Say their prayers and go to church.
Friday night football games.
There's no place else I’d rather spend my life
Than a small town paradise.

Some dream to buy the top of the line
But a Ma’ and Pa’ shop for me works fine
That concrete jungle might wear you thin
Here, the people talk slower and call you kin.
Porch swings are miles wide, and words are sweet as the tea.
The air’s a lot cleaner, you can call me a dreamer
But there’s no place I’d rather be

(Chorus 2)
It’s where there’s open land, helping hands,
Homemade lemonade stands,
Hammocks in between the trees
There’s Fishin’ holes, college bowls
Old Glory on the flag poles
Tractor’s driving down the street
There's no place else I’d rather spend my life
Than a Small town-

Every soldier gets a welcome home parade
Mommy and Daddy leave the doors unlocked
And the kids don't feel afraid.

[Both Choruses]
There's no place else that's ever felt so right.
Yeah, and there's no place else I'd rather spend my life.
Than a Small Town Paradise
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