Want to find the destination ultimate?
Thou must climb the crags of Ngranek,
Whereas hidden through the idols jealous hate
Chisell'd from the very rock, the black,
On the wrong side of mountain
Lies the key to further route. -
All but certain; all but certain...

This carved count'nance is to point, here
Where God's and mortals race may mingle,
Live at places which are near
Unknown kadath

Useless wisdom, while in error!
Grab'd by powers who but howl,
Down goes the trip in faceless terror
Deep into earth's forbidding bowel.

Wings of darkness scare your stiff
Not to mention other creatures,
They all dwell this sub-worlds rift
Showing you their ugly features.

Climb the ladders, advance stairs,
Made for steps of gint's feet.
Only your will, none of theirs,
Helps you overtake the lead.
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The Way To Ngranek Lyrics

Payne's Gray – The Way To Ngranek Lyrics