Paul Kelly (Mushroom Music)
I was standing in the schoolyard
I guess it was sometime in 1965
Just me and my friends listening to the radio
And a song came on called I feel fine
The playground sounds grew dim
The whole wide world seemed to fade
There was nothing but me and that heavenly sound
Burning in my brain
Words and Music - yeah, yeah
I was lying on the living room floor
With the sound way up on Highway 61
Then I heard my mother calling through the door
Saying, "Now, what about those dishes then, son?"
So I picked the needle up
And yelled out, "Just one more song to go"
Then I put the needle back down
At the start of Desolation Row
Words and Music - yeah, yeah
Now two things saved that crazy sailor
Trapped for days inside his hull
No food, no water, no nothing
Just his tongue rattling around inside his skull
Words and Music - yeah, yeah
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Words And Music Lyrics

Paul Kelly – Words And Music Lyrics