Call me a fool
A renegade romantic
Tell me there's no cure
For something this enchanting
I get lost in your eyes
Like a gambler in gold
And I'm watching for signs
Of the heart you stole
Almost heaven
It's here inside our hearts tonight
We're gonna make it to the other side
I'll go the distance for you anytime
Almost heaven
Some hearts are cruel
Some just keep on burning
I'm on fire for you
I love how you return it
I get lost in the night
In every single kiss
Every moment in time
You're what I miss
I've been savin' all my love it's true
Holdin' out for a girl like you
Angels fly with hearts that fall
Love is ours
Give it all
Call me a fool
A renegade romantic
Touching you
Is almost heaven
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Almost Heaven Lyrics

Paul Janz – Almost Heaven Lyrics