I will always love you
Till the end of time
If I had the never to ask you
Would you be mine

I will always be there
When you need a friend
I will stay right by your side
Until the end

My Naomi
Won't you show me
All the poetry that you wrote
To keep from crying
My Naomi
Don't you know me
I'm the one who's come to make sure
That this is your last
Broken heart

We could hang together
We could check it out
We could laugh at inside jokes
That are about

All the lonely people
Drowning in the sea
Funny when you think that that was
You and me

Repeat chorus

Anytime you wonder
If I'll be true
I'll be there to comfort
And follow through
You would too
You don't need your troubles
From yesterday
You can blink your eyes
And they'll go away

I will always need you
When I'm sixty-four
I will need you like today
But only more

Repeat chorus
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My Naomi Lyrics

Paul Gilbert – My Naomi Lyrics