We step on a stage
From straight off a page
Of everything that's gone before
We dream of a time
Of crossing a line
And opening another door
Rivers of stardust in our eyes
Leading us out there
How could this just be an illusion?

We play out our part
The chemistry starts
The future is a shooting star
We try to ignore
What's happened before
The storybook of who we are
Till suddenly one and one makes three
And lovers are losers
You and me drowning in confusion

Love hurts
Even when the love is strong
Love hurts even while the love goes on
Turning these pages in my heart
Over and over
Still only leads to one conclusion
Love hurts, love hurts

Can we just end this fight
Make out what's wrong from right
Or see with second sight
The reason why?
Repeat chorus Love hurts etc
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Love Hurts Lyrics

Paul Brady – Love Hurts Lyrics

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