Have a little hope

I was blind now I see
Chained to fear, now I'm free
I was blind now I see
I wrote the book on apathy
But now I care about something
I care about something
You can call me a fool
Cause It's nothing I can prove
I just had to tell you

A million people try to find their way
Over coffee in this little cafe
Like the neon in the window
Somethings will never change so...

Have a little hope on me
Nothing else in life is free
Have a little sweet release
This is everybody's cup of tea
I got lost one day in saving grace
And there's more than enough for both of us
So grab yourself a window seat
And have some hope on me

I was lost and alone
I was naked I was cold
I was deaf now I hear
And the sound is so clear
Would you come with me to the symphony

Everybody's got to run away
Everybody's got to feel their way home
Everybody needs a reason to feel anything at all

In the moonlight
Under a neon sign
This could change your life
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Have A Little Hope Lyrics

Paul Alan – Have A Little Hope Lyrics