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Burn Victim Beauty Pageant Lyrics

Patterns Of Decay – Burn Victim Beauty Pageant Lyrics


There are a few things in life to know
One is never trust a pretty face
She'll lure you in the with brightest of eyes
She'll make you feel like everything is alright.

Meanwhile she is out making some guys night
And she won't think twice to fuck you over and over
Time and time again!

And you'll never learn
Because she has her claws so deep, so deep, so deep, so deep into you!

How do you feel hearing the truth about what you called love? Love...

If the world was about to fucking end
Would you be there holding my hand?
Laughing as we watched it burn
Till there was nothing left?
Cause I've searched the world just to find you
I've turned over every stone
Leveled every mountain searching for your face!

A thousand lifetimes have passed since I called you mine
And I watched you walk away
Without the slightest thought of me!
I've tried, oh how I tried
Just to return to moments I felt alive!

This is what you made me!
This is the hate you gave to me!

So wake the fuck up and open your eyes
Just shut the fuck up, I don't want to hear your lies
I disappear to a quiet place inside my mind!

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