I can tell you wanna get down with me
Although I don't understand a word you speak
But you're sending out your energy
You know I'm feeling you
Same way you're feeling me
I say hush baby don't you speak
I can read your mind, know what you seek
You seek that touch that makes you weak,
That makes you forget about
What your mama told you,
You want those arms to hold you
And give you that;


Love making, slow dancing, romancing
In the middle of the night
It is that;


Intergalactic tongue
Make' him come, make' her come
It is that language beyond words we speak
All night long, all night long

[Verse 2:]:

Every answer leads to another question
Only truth is spoken, ancestors have been woken
No estimations and no suggestions
Only matters of facts backed up by act- act-actions
And reactions, physical attraction, soul interaction
That make me forget 'bout myself
And I feel free ohohona yes I feel free
Ohohona yes I feel free...
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Blue Overtones Lyrics

Patrice – Blue Overtones Lyrics