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Follow Me Lyrics

Pato Pooh – Follow Me Lyrics

Ft. Adam Tensta

I Keep telling them, I’m a bring it back
Back to the future
(Game- Gameboii)
(Pato Pooh is from the)

(One) 6. 3, Stockholm city (Yeah)
Follow me, Follow me, Follow me (Yeah)
Follow me, Follow me, Follow me (Yeah)
(One) 6. 3, Stockholm city (Yeah)
Follow me, Follow me, Follow me (Yeah)
Follow me, Follow me, Follow me (Yeah)

Verse 1 [Pato Pooh]
Ok, I’m feeling retro like bringing it back (rewind)
You heard an echo that’s me bringing it back (no lying)
I’m finna let ya know what I’m a hit you with
Get ready pull them switches no wishes go no confetti bitches
Just bring ya a game I’m a bring my game strong
Blow on the cassette let motherfuckers know the (game's on)
They can’t grasp the talent, the energy
Cus they're whack, they get gasp in a flash immediately,
See, me. I will last forever, they’ll be last forever
Yeah they wrap like folding sweaters
Your boy not playing I’m planning on staying ranked
Mvp player you playing without a chance
(Pato Pooh is from the)


[Verse 2: Adam Tensta]
If you wanna bring it home to the blue line
Then you know that it's either or
We got the projects on out shoulders
Like we carrying hood like the shaft on the wheels of a car
Get it.. 163 I'm a representer
On my 26th and I'm only getting better
While you were joking round like you was Heath Ledger
I was in the cut under my umbrella
I made it poor that's a double meaning you listenin'
Meaning my songs and pockets I made some divides
And just to think that they asked why you even rap
Pato, you should tell'em that we are bringin' it back
And we do it for the kids on the corner they throwing stones
Cause they ain't got shit to do when they are sittin' at home
And everybody need a voice they only doing it because
Then you might listen and notice where these kids are from
(Adam Tensta is from the)


[Verse 3: Pato Pooh]
Look I’m out to punish emcee’s, ya poik superman on these beats
My flow is Christopher, B. I. G. Rios and Reeves
I’m in a league all by my lonely, the only one bringing heat
I’m spitting fire on these crackers like it's new years eve
See, we sparked it in the o8, blew up like the world trade
Ahbow did it for us, yeah bumped us up to first place
They heard word about a fat kid (Were he at)
They heard he wasn’t on some pop shit (Yo he can rap)
Pato Pooh he 'bout the truth when he writes
Break you the news like a reporter from the booth with a mic
So look, from now on, you can call me Mikay
Cus I’m the future of hip hop like proof in disguise
I'm from the..

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