You bleed my soul...

If I should die before you
Unhallowed by thy name
My soul far gone
My salvation well-worn
With this crown of thorns around my heart I bleed

Dawn... The rain falls
Mourn... The darkness calls

Scar me

Your hollow smile screams "I don't want you here"
When you turn away my blood runs cold with fear
If ever I shone through a heaven's light...
Scar me

My heart didn't bleed enough for you to see
My salvation lied in you
When my hopes and dreams were thrown away
My soul was torn in two
No you can't help me now
Your bullshit pity won't rain on me
Did I scorn my faith in everything
So that you could watch me bleed

I can but watch as my soul it breaks
As I burn in your apathy
I purge my mind of what you mean to me
So I could only breathe
I scar my fists in rage
In my shallow grave I drown
I just tried to give you all I could
I didn't mean to tie you down
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Bleed My Soul Lyrics

Pathogen – Bleed My Soul Lyrics