[Solo: Gunsen]

Come, let me feel Your breath,
Whatever stars will say...
Whatever happens then...

Come, I wish to taste Your tears,
In one untouchable kiss,
Devoid of any sins.

Never try to touch my shiny skin,
Never wish to uncover my dreams!

A stone of Your heart seeks revenge,
I feel it very well...
Whatever I'd like to change...

My hate, I fed it everyday,
You share with me my way and my pain...

I'm the flame and You are my shining star,
I'm so close, but You are still so far!

Undiscovered dreams, undiscovered feelings' land,
Thousands nights from here we still crave for love and hate...

You are my star!
I'm priestess of the moon.
And I owe You my life forever!
Someday we will find this word, that they called the love.

In another space, in another time – somewhere!

Undiscovered dreams, undiscovered feelings' land,
Someday our dreams will come true and will be free.

[Solo: Gunsen]

Thousands miles from here we still believe in love without hate,
But not yet...

[Violin: M. Jelonek]
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Undiscovered Dreams Lyrics

Pathfinder – Undiscovered Dreams Lyrics