A tale of passion
That ends in misery
A tale of sex and sin and greed
I'm in this prison of my own insanity
And there's no one i can blame but me
Tossed between the wreckage
And washed up on the shore
I swear i can't beleive my eyes
Could i be mistaken
Am i really here
Have i found my paradise
The streets are paved in diamond
The wall are painted gold
And everybody knows my name
The girls are always gorgeous
And the drinks are always cold
I know i'll never be the same
I swear we'll live forever
And we'll never have to cry
Because no one here could ever die
The sun it sets like fire
Stare into your eyes
I'll never make it out alive
Turquoise water
Connect me to the shore
Of a land, a life left far behind
And i've got the memories burning deep inside
I'll try to black them from my mind
A land of plenty
A land made just for me
Where i can't help but feel at home
Until a man of darkness
A story he a told
Of the only treasure i was yet to hold
I stood before the people
And demanded more, darkness
Where sinners come to die
Leaving Eden far behind
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Snake Eyes Lyrics

Patent Pending – Snake Eyes Lyrics