I woke up this morning in the land of the sun
Headed out to the beach to catch me some
And watched all the babes go walking by
Crusin' in my car down Ocean Drive
For a wink and smile baby you can drive
And have yourself a memory of the Grand Strand.

Baby don't you know, I like the way you shake it yeah
Baby don't you know, I like-a da way that you shake it

Rockin' Mother Fletcher's with the boys in the band
Maybe me and you could go get lost in the sand
Or we could stay here and dance the night away
You're lookin' like a picture in a magazine
And you're so hot I can see the steam
And by the way, what's your name again?

Maybe you could be my partner in crime
I guarantee that you'll have a good time
At least with me anyway!
'Cause watchin' you walk is art in motion
You won't be needin' no suntan lotion
You'll get your tan from laying in my shade.
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Shake It Lyrics

Pat Blackwell – Shake It Lyrics