Boy, you're looking great.
Yeah, you got what it takes alright.
There's life outside your window, babe.
Step into the moonlight

Babe, were going out and out on this town
Driving to the singing sound
To be there with you.
Driving to the sound of our hearts beating as one

Soul City. That's where were heading.
Dancing and singing til dawn
Soul City. That's where were going.
And we wont be back til the moneys all gone.

Man, this place is hopping
Dancing, singing, talking rockin this town... Nobody down
Shake it with me, fake it with me.
Don't ever take this feeling from my heart... Just getting ready to start.

Babe, I can see you don't ever wanna leave
Gonna do what's never been done
To be here with you
Dancing to the sound of our hearts beating as one


All of you who are looking for that rush tonight
Who are desperately searching for their heart
You wanna let go. There's one thing you'll know
That distant city is some place to start

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Soul City Lyrics

Partland Brothers – Soul City Lyrics

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